War Storm
Only one side will come out on top in the end and each party will do everything they can to make sure it's them. This series is written for teens and talks about war, fighting, death, homosexuality and sex.

Don’t miss the finale to the Red Queen series! Corvium has fallen to the Scarlet Guard but the victory has come with a price: Mare’s heart. Faced with the choice of her or the crown, Cal has chosen the crown of Norta. Mare must move past this heartache and focus all her energy on the war to win red bloods their freedom. She has resolved to do everything she can to put an end to Maven’s reign, even if it means working beside the man who broke her heart.

Mare and the Scarlet Guard must make alliances in unlikely places if they are going to free the red bloods from the Silver Monarchy. Maven himself has become completely obsessed with Mare and keeping his precarious spot on the throne. He will stop at nothing to keep a handle on both. The time for war is approaching and battle-lines are being drawn. The characters will travel to Monfort and the Lakelands in their efforts to build armies strong enough to overthrow one another.  Will Cal earn back his crown or will Norta be left under Maven’s horrifying reign? Find out which side is left standing in the thrilling finale of the Red Queen series.

The final book in the Red Queen series was extremely riveting. I was never sure who was going to betray who next. The love between Cal and Mare will be tested left and right during the war for the throne. The only reason I am giving this amazing, well-written series 4 stars is because the ending was disappointing. I’ll just leave it at that so I don’t spoil anything for readers. I hope people will still read the series because the story itself is well-developed and probably one of the best I’ve read.

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