We left off with Jacinda breaking the biggest rules of the pride; she manifested in front of humans. Now fleeing back to the Pride she and her family will have to face the hunters in order to escape the town. In the heat of the moment Jacinda’s sister Tamra changes into something no one ever believed possible enabling them all to escape. Things are not what they use to be and they are closely watched by the Elders. The only way she can hope for her and her family to live happily in the Pride is to prove her loyalty to the pride. A big part of that is forgetting Will. The hunter with Draki blood running through his veins; the boy she loves. Cassian is still chasing after Jacinda’s love, but with Tamra now in the picture, who knows what will happen. This is the fast paced sequel to Firelight. This book has a magical essence mixed in with real life issues and questions that leaves readers wanting more. Enjoy the war raging inside one girl, for the love of two totally different boys, her family, and loyalty to a Pride she no longer believes she belongs to.

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