Two-way Street

Going on a road trip can be lots of fun! There are rest stops, sleepovers in cool new places, exotic scenery, and fun car games. When traveling long distances though, you should take into account who the other passengers are. For instance, your ex-boyfriend might make everything really unbearable. Such as; cheap hotel rooms, horrible fast food, sitting in traffic in silence, and boring scenery. How can you ever hope to muster up the strength to get through that? Courtney has no choice if she wants to make it to college orientation on time.

When your ex-boyfriend dumped you for a girl he met online, and didn’t say he loved you back when you said it, a three day road trip can be a very long time. Courtney thought she knew why Jordan broke up with her but there are a couple secrets he kept from her as to why he broke up so abruptly. Jordan, it seems still wants to be with Courtney, but how can he tell her the horrible secrets he has kept when it affects how the rest of their lives will pan out? There is a three day deadline for two heartbroken teenagers who in spite of everything secretly still love each other.

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