The Lost Hero
Rick Riordan has built another successful, daring and thrilling adventure series about Roman mythology. This is a spin-off series of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series,  you do not need to read the other series first, but I would recommend it.

Jason wakes up on school bus wedged between his best friend Leo, and his girlfriend Piper. They are from Wilderness Boarding school and are going on a field-trip. The problem is Jason doesn’t remember anything about them or the school. Come to think of it he can’t even remember who he is. So when monsters from the sky strike against the little trio they think they are destined for doom. It quickly becomes apparent this is not Jason’s first battle. When they are whisked away and sent to Camp Half Blood none of them are sure what to expect. Piper has been keeping a secret from her friends about her movie-star father that has been missing for three days. When she starts getting threatening dreams she doesn’t know what to do. Leo however has been keeping a secret much longer than Piper; one that changed his life forever. With all the secrets surrounding these young demi-gods, how can they hope to survive their quest. That’s right, join these new characters with some of Camp Half Blood’s old friends on another epic quest.

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