The Bridge to Never Land
This book goes beyond all preconceived notions of magic and science. It binds together the two worlds and makes the magic of Disney come to life within every page. Recommended for readers 10+. I would also recommend reading the other 4 books in the series, although this could be read as a stand alone. 

 Sarah and Aidan Cooper are teenagers who discover a secret compartment in their father’s new antique desk, and in it is a letter. Sarah believes the old letter is connected to the Starcatcher stories she used to read as a child. In modern day times it seems like something as far-fetched at Peter Pan and Neverland just can’t be real. That is, until they being to unravel the code in the letter that leads them to discover the mysteries of the past. As each clue leads them down a more confusing road the children start to wonder if it’s really worth the trouble. How can they stop when they realize the stories are true and that the shadow is still after the treasured Starstuff? What exactly happened to the Starcatchers, and the island that Peter used to live on? Their letter leads them on a quest much bigger than the two of them alone. With some help from friends found in amazing places the Coopers go on an adventure one could only dream of.

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