The Best Girl
The story of how one too many fibs can break even the best of us.

Farrah’s brother is getting married to the very famous and rich Marni Shay at the Riverlodge resort in Colorado. Having a fresh start at college, Farrah has changed a lot about herself… like her name. When she arrives at the resort imagine how shocked she is to see her college crush Connor working there. Finding out the Connor despises the rich sort and their family and friends that visit the lodge, Farrah decides to once again twist the truth about who she is. Pretending to be a nanny for her own brothers while trying to plan her brothers bachelor party, fend off her mother’s fashion advice, and assist her new sister in-law with wedding plans may prove too much for Farrah. What can you do when the guy you think you are in love with hates everything your family stands for?

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