Nicholas Flamel and his wife are immortal. He has been on the run with his the Codex, a book almost as old as him which holds the secret to immortality. There are people who want them dead, as well as the rest of humanity. What Nicholas Flamel has been striving to do his whole life might just come true with the help of two very young teenagers; twins to be exact. Sophie and Josh Newman are the twins that just found themselves in the middle of a very old legend. The Codex is an ancient book that until quite recently neither one of them knew about. Now, it is what they are fighting with their lives to attain and protect. The only way the two of them stand a chance against this ancient evil is to trust the old Alchemyst to teach them how to become Magicians. This humorous book takes you to a whole new world, as you gain knowledge of a hidden past you learn the truth about what we as humans are really up against.

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