So You Want To Be A Wizard
This book talk about bullies and how to make friends. Dianne Duane does a wonderful job being a descriptive and captivating writer. She paints a magically world that you can only dream of living in. There is the subject of discrimination as the young boy being bullied is Hispanic. She also delicately navigates the subject of good v.s evil.

Nita doesn’t seem to have her life together yet. She gets bullied after school, has a little sister who bugs the heck out of her, and parents who think they know everything. One day while hiding out in the library, to avoid bullies, she finds a book that she has never seen or read; “So You Want to be a Wizard.” She thought it was a joke but when she reads the pledge out loud, she actually becomes a wizard! During her training she comes across a boy she noticed also getting beaten after school. The books are about their friendships, and the tasks they must undertake to become a practicing wizard.

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