Roadside Assistance
This is an inspirational story about how even when you lose everything God has a plan and is always there for you. The people in this story try to help Emily find her faith again. 

Emily is a young adult who is struggling with her faith in God, love for family, and loss of her mother. When Emily’s mother passes away from cancer and her father’s automotive business closes down a year later, it seems to Emily that the world is over. She and her father move in with his sister and her perfect little family in an upscale part of town. Emily doesn’t get along with her aunt and cousin. Her cousin is ‘little miss perfect’ and captain of the cheerleading squad. The good thing, she makes a good friend right away and best of all; a boy lives next door that loves cars as much as she does.  Emily is on a path set for the re-discovery of God and love.

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