My Life Next Door
This summer love story is the oldest of time, where the girl falls in love with the boy next door. Instead of a fast, thrown together romance, these two develop a deep connection that could be the foundation of a true long-lasting relationship. Secrets, like poison, threaten their budding love and only the truth will set them free. I would recommend this for teen readers, there are mature relationship decisions, like sex, that come up…

Ever wonder what life would be like if you lived with the family next door?

For the last 10 years, Samantha has watched her neighbors, the Garretts’, from her bedroom window, longing for the fun life and bond they have with one another. Her whole life is dictated by her mother, an aspiring politician, where everything must be spotless and organized. The Garretts’ are the complete opposite; ‘be loud and have fun’ would be their family motto. Samantha’s mother has forbidden her to associate with the family next door but when Jase Garrett climbs up the trellis to her bedroom window, she decides this summer is going to be one like she has never had before. Samantha finds herself falling quickly for Jace. A strong, handsome, animal loving, great listening, amazing guy, that she doesn’t know if she can keep her love hidden from her mom much longer. The summer is going great until the unthinkable happens to the Garretts’ family and Samantha must decide between family and doing what’s right.

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