Jade, Miles, and Megan have been really great friends since they were nine years old. They live in a small town by the beach where there is a boardwalk, famous tourists, surfing, and scandals. This trio usually hangs back during the summer and takes in the gossip as it comes. This summer is going to be different. For once Jade’s yoga instructor dad is leaving for a summer job, allowing Jade and her older sister to have to house for themselves. Miles is recovering from his “accident” last summer. While Megan is working cleaning houses and trying to hide the crush she has always had on Miles for yet another summer. Also, a big shot real estate guy is visiting who has major plans for the Boardwalk that no one knows about. The band of friends will have to stick together this summer if they want to make it out together. Fingers crossed that a secret act from last summer won’t tear this group of friends apart.

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