Gemini Bites
I would not recommend this book for someone who does not wish to be exposed to sexual activities between both men and women. In a nutshell this book is about feuding twins that live with a large family of nine and the story takes place one month before their brother’s graduation. Because there is only one month of school left, when a fellow student’s parents need to move on short notice they make arrangements for…

This is a book about a guy and a girl who are twins. The brother is a gay struggling to find his place and to find love. His twin sister is starting to discover that you need to be yourself when looking for love; or maybe not. These two teen twins struggle with being themselves in a family of nine. When a fellow classmate needs a place to stay until school gets out, the parents of the nine generously take him in. The boy didn’t fit in well at school; can he fit in at these strangers house? This boy may be something more than his fellow peers he calls mortals. Find the answer to all these teens problems and follow the story of love as it unravels in a blaze of paper and charcoal. Spoiler the visiting boy is an artist with a taste for young mortals.

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