After a tragic accident Lucy is sent to a reform school where she meets someone she can't remember but feels she knows somehow.

Lucy is distraught by only things she can see. Black eerie shadows follow her and seem to bring death. After revealing this fact to authorities after a tragic accident Lucy finds herself at Sword Cross Boarding School. A reform school for screw-ups and crazies. This may seem like the most unlikely place to find someone you know, but Lucy is convinced that she has met Daniel Gregori, a fellow student before. Not only does he look familiar, but Lucy is drawn to him in an achingly familiar way. However, as she tries to get closer to Daniel he wants nothing to do with her. The mysterious teenage boy has Lucy frantically searching for answers to the secrets surrounding her feelings and action. Discover why Lucy has a feeling of deja vu when it comes to Daniel and what he might just have to say about her black shadows.

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