This is the last book in the Uglies series. It doesn't follow the same characters from the first three books. Also, this book may be to scary for some children and I would recommend it for mature readers 12+.

In this book a lot of new characters are introduced, the book takes place in Japan. (At this time Tally would be 20 years old) Times have changed, everybody now has something called “Face Ranks”, or their popularity post, and merits; sort of like their money. Every city has a “Feed”, where you post or “Kick” your gossip and opinions on things. The more people that pay attention to you, and your Kicks, the higher your face ranks go. Our main Character in this book is Aya Fuse. Her Face rank is too low on the Feed for her liking, even though her brother is way up there. So she needs to find a totally awesome story to kick. But could her story save the world?

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