Endless Summer
This book has two parts; The Boys next Door, and Endless Summer, all rolled into one book. At least the copy I had did. It was such a funny book that leaves you with a long-lasting impression of happiness from the bonds between the characters.

When you live somewhere long enough a pattern seems to exist. This summer, Lori is determined it is time to make her move on the guy next door. The Vader brothers have always been part of Lori’s life but now that she is turning sixteen those boys seem to be her whole life. The love-struck girl has her heart set on Sean the oldest that is drop-dead gorgeous. When Adam, who has always been more a friend to Lori than his older brother, gets his girlfriend stolen by big brother Sean, there is only one thing left to do. Lori devices a plan to make sure everyone gets what they want. It’s simple; she and Adam will pretend to date to get Sean and Adam’s ex jealous. The only problem is that Lori’s plan isn’t the only one is action. This page turner, drama filled love triangle will have you questioning the end the whole way through. This is a touching story that you won’t be able to forget.

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