This is book 9 in the House of Night series.

Zoey is distraught over the loss of her mother. Just when she thought she could fight through it, she discovers there is a way to know just how the night of her mother’s murder  went down. Stevie Rae finally has her Rephaim, bird by day and human by night. He really seems to have been blessed by Nyx, but others care to disagree. Rephaim is struggling with his new body and what people seem to expect from him. While putting on a facade of a strong young man in love, inside Rephaim is battling the need to be by his father’s side. Unlike the others, there is someone else who feels they can make a connection to Rephaim, the fledgling may surprise you.

With Zoey finally standing up to Neferet and departing from the House of Night there is the question of where to go to school, and who should return. The mysterious yet gorgeous young man Aurox is causing quite a stir among the House of Night students. Zoey can’t help but be intrigued by his presence, but why is he causing such a raw emotion inside of her. Many new things are starting to take place at the House of Night and who knows what will happen next.

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