With Anna’s treachery finally out in the open things at the Schola are operating differently. Dru is trying to step up and take her place but other people keep getting in her way, telling her what to do and restricting her freedoms. Graves’ disappearance has struck a blow in Dru somewhere deep and she has every intention of getting him back before Anna or Sergej has a chance to break him. Christophe is toe-ing a thin line with Dru that she isn’t sure if she should let him cross. With her newly acclaimed power as head of the order Dru fully intends to let nothing get in her way of saving Graves. Christophe on the other hand stresses the importance of her training above all else. Ash is getting closer and closer to changing back, but no one is sure what will happen when he does. Will he be an ally or a threat? With frequent attacks on her life continuing, even within the safety of the Schola’s walls, Dru isn’t sure how much longer she can make it.

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