Cruel Summer
We can all imagine what the perfect summer would be like but sometimes life is about making the most our of where you are, even if it's not where you want to be. Colby has a lesson to learn this summer, and it won't be how to get the perfect tan!

Colby Cavendish has recently become part of the “in” crowd. Which includes not only cool parties, but cute boys; like Levi Bonham. She can’t wait to kick off her summer with her new friends and hopefully get some more alone time with Levi. Everything goes down the toilet when her forever arguing parents decide to send her away for the summer while they get a divorce. Colby gets sent to Greece to live with her so called “crazy” aunt Tally, who lives on an island that is basically stuck in the stone ages. Forced to live on a boring island she takes to spending her days in the one place that has internet access; a small coffee shop. At the coffee shop she writes her online blog about how lame her summer is going. Her summer seems to take a turn for the better when a local teen boy, Yannis, starts showing her around the island. Will these private tours change her mind about the island, or will Colby forever long for the summer that could have been.

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