Clary must travel to the City of Glass if she hopes to save her mother. Going off the word of a family friend, Clary starts her journey to the city of Alicante. When Jace tells her the wrong departure time in hopes of dissuading her to go, he never imagines she would break the laws and forge her own path. Getting to Alicante is no simple feat, when Luke tags along to save Clary from herself she only just begins to realize what she has done. When Clary faces Jace in Alicante she becomes distraught to find he didn’t want her there. There are secrets Jace has been keeping to save Clary from the cold truth. Clary meanwhile finds a new guy to show her around the city, Sebastian, who seems to know a lot more about her life than he should yet she can’t help feeling drawn to him. This strange boy is danger to all and nobody knows it but him. Valentine has two of the mortal instruments and is planning on attacking the City of Glass with his own demon army to gain access to the third and final mortal instrument. Valentine’s past actions are starting to come to light, bringing with them a darkness that threatens to kill all Shadowhunters. The war between the Downworlders and the angels of the earth will be swayed by the decisions of the few who can discover the truth of their past.

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