City of Bones
The Mortal Instruments is a great series for all young adults who need a good series to read and re-read over again.

When Clary hits a teen club with her best friend Simon she does not expect to see a murder. The murderers call themselves protectors of the mundane world; Shadowhunters. This underground group of warriors rid the world of the supernatural while remaining unseen. The mysterious Shadowhunter named Jace has Clary swooning over him and the unknown. Jace is a hottie but his attitude has Clary wondering if he really cares about anyone. Simon is not too happy at the prospect of Jace but would really like get to know his adoptive sister Isabelle. Clary isn’t supposed to be able to see him and the Shadowhunters let alone all the rest of the Downworlders. After her mother is taken and her house raided by demons, Clary has no other choice than to learn the secrets hidden in her past. Her best friend is dragged along with her to discover not only where her mother went, but who she is herself. The sexy, kick-a$$ and powerful Shadowhunters, and the love triangle they create, has you at the edge of your seat every turn of the page. This book was great! It really captures your attention from the very beginning and has you questioning the plot the whole time. It has really interesting characters that are very easy to connect to. I found myself laughing out loud at the book for the humor and the situations the characters get themselves into. 

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