In the sequel to the City of Bones there are a lot of things are wrong in Clary’s world. The young man she fell in love with turns out to be her long lost brother. Something is wrong with her best friend Simon. Her mother is in a comma and no one knows how to help her. Meanwhile her supposed to be dead father is the evil shadowhunter trying to kill all downworlders and is stealing the Mortal Instruments for some secret plan. On top of it all, someone is murdering young downworlders and everyone has their suspicions. The Shadowhunters call in the Inquisitor to figure out the truth but the old shadowhunter has her own motives and targets the one and only Jace. Clary is beyond busy trying to hold together the pieces of her life, when a new twist arrives bring not only hope but fear. This fast paced sequel bursting with magic will only make you love the characters even more.

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