This is book two in the Strange Angels series.

Dru is starting a new chapter in her life at a schola for djamphire and wulfen. Finding out from a stranger that you aren’t completely human can really ruin your day, not to mention make you wonder who this person thinks they are to tell you something like that. Adding that the stranger is a complete hottie, saved your life, and knows more about you and your past than you do; you have quite a person on your hands. Attending an all boys school isn’t exactly on Dru’s list of things to do. Especially when these boys have a special hunger for her blood. Being held up inside a secret schola with Graves, her only friend, is proving very hard to a restless young svetcha close to blooming. Finding Sergej, the vampire who killed her parents on the other hand is on her to-do list. Christophe, the mysteriously attractive stranger, is the only one who may be able to help her. The only problem is he might be closer to her enemies than she first suspected.

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