Book 8 in the House of Night series.

After failing in the Other-world Kalona is now under Neferet’s control. With Darkness at her side and her growing immortality, Neferet is becoming unstoppable. Not only is she full of dark power but she is constantly looking for new ways to enhance her powers. She has a new plan in mind that will tear apart the tight knit group of vampire fledglings we have come to love.Stevie Rae refuses to share the news of her bonding with Rephaim to anyone. Meanwhile Rephaim is struggling to deal with new found feelings. He does not understand how to care for the girl he has become so close to and still be a tool for his father’s own plans. Can he choose between loyalty to his father and love for the vampire priestess? Zoey wants a break from the world. Her and Stark are closer than ever from their experience in the Other-world. She is learning Old Magic all the time from the queen of the Isle of Skye. Why should she leave? She seems to have everything she needs on the island, or so it seems. Until news from home brings her back to earth and she realizes that she may just have to leave her sanctuary. The eighth book in the House of Night series really is a page turner. The storyline is really taking quite a few twists, and the emotion behind the characters and their relationships is taken to a new level. This touching book has you begging for answers and believing that hope really is the only answer.

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