The Faeman Quest
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This books takes place 15 years after the original story line. I wouldn't recommend reading this book if you haven't read the other four first. Mella wasn't as strong of a character for me as Henry or Blue, but the plot is interesting and wraps up a few loose ends.

Like father, like daughter? Culmella, or Mella for short, is the daughter of Henry and Blue. Years have passed since the last time we were in the Faerie Realm. While raised in the Faerie Realm all Mella wants is to experience the Analogue world. She snaps Lethe spells on her parents to make them forget her. With a three day head start, Mella begins her journey on what she thinks will be the discovery of fun. Mella soon unveils a plot that Haleklind plans to attack with herds of Manticores. Hairstreak has returned, head in a box, since his last suicide attempt. He made a clone of Mella, and with the real one missing, decides now is the time to strike with his plan to take over the Faerie Realm once again. Will he finally succeed?

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