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This book review website exists to take the mystery out of finding a good book to read and enjoy. Designed for young readers (8-18) and their parents, to keep them updated on the best and newest books. Let the Bookworm Detective help you find your next favorite novel or series!

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Reading can be a great way to expand your imagination and learn new things. If you’re looking for a single book to read then a novel is the right fit for you.

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Sometimes one book just isn’t enough! If you’re looking for a plot and characters you can follow book after book, check out these top series. 

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Definition of Genres



These books are based on real life, but are made from the imagination of the Author. They do not feature any mythical creatures or magic of any kind.

Science Fiction

Books that are based on scientific advancements or futuristic places and times.



Characters include mythical creatures like vampires, werewolves, angels and the un-dead. However, the story takes place on earth. If you were to take away the mythical creatures, you would be left with just fiction.


Often takes place in another world or historic time. These books include magic or magical creatures. Examples of magical creatures include: dragons, faeries, mermaids, trolls, giants and magic itself.


The primary topic and plot of the entire story is around two people falling in love.


Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy is very similar to Paranormal and Fantasy, but is unique in two things. One, the typical setting is in a city, or at the very least earth. Two, if you take away the mythical creatures you would still be left with magic.